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Apulia Destination offers you during your holidays in Italia to come to Lecce in order to admire its wonderful masterpieces.

Lecce astounds you. Moreover, it is difficult for you to take your eyes off the wonder in front of you.

It is Piazza Duomo, the heart of the town tissue of the Salentine chief town. It is Lecce; “the Southern Florence” or “Athens of Puglia”, as somebody called it. However, you find “she”, like a very beautiful woman, does not like any kind of comparison. This town becomes the fundamental place to visit during your holiday in Italy and your stay in Apulia.

Baroque, the unifying stylistic sign, is a triumph in Lecce; a triumph of games, joints, stone drawings and coils freezing the attention and suggesting the careful appraisal of the particular.

The air is dense in Lecce; dense of cultural ferments, intellectual vivacity, history, humanity and warmth. The light is diffused in Lecce; diffused from the tones of a stone, obtained from the local quarries and patiently worked by the stonecutters, adorning courtyards, twisted columns, palaces and bell towers, representing the link among different artistic and architectonic expressions.

barrocco_lecceDuring your trip in Italy you will discover that the streets in Lecce tell never-ending stories. They recall the magnificence of the Adrian age (Il century A.C.) showing the ruins of an amphitheater containing up to 25,000 spectators; they are surprising streets when lead you to the heart of the town, Piazza S. Oronzo, to the feet of the column of the Saint who gave the name; a column erected on Giuseppe Zimbalo’s project who used one of the pilasters of the Appia Road of Brindisi.

They are alleys appearing on wonderful works like the Basilica of the Saint Cross or the fifteenth-century Castle of Charles V, or carrying you before the five-story Bell Tower in Piazza Duomo.

You will also admire during your stay in Apulia the bell tower, work by Zimbalo too, standing out as a lookout of the cathedral close by, built in 1144 and restructured by the willing of the bishop Pappacoda between 1659 and 1670. The Lecce Cathedral is a coffer from thousand wonders, just like the eighteenth-century Bishop’s Palace by Emanuele Manieri and the Seminary Palace by Giuseppe Cino, placed in the same square.

As well as the Olivetan Order complex, with the annexed church of the SS. Nicolò and Cataldo; the former Church of S. Francesco della Scarpa, built up in 1273 and widely changed in baroque age; its Bell Tower, from which getting lost in the panorama of the town and a land, Salento, all to be loved.

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