Insurance policy included

Useful information for your holidays in Puglia

All the travelers can benefit from an insurance policy from Europ Assistance S.p.A. offered by Tour Operator,
for the following guarantees:


* Medical consultancy

* Dispatch of a doctor or of an ambulance in Italy

* Report of a medical specialist abroad

* Patient transfer
* Transportation of the corpse up to a maximum amount of euro 5.000,00 per insured
* Re-entry with an insured family member
* Re-entry of the others who are insured

* Travel of a family member

* Assistance of minors
* Re-entry of the convalescent insured
* Extension of stay

* Information and reports of corresponding medicines abroad

* Availability of interpreter when abroad

* Advance expenses for basic necessities (available only for those who are resident in Italy)

* Early re-entry
* Advance bail for abroad (available only for those who are resident in Italy)
* Report of a lawyer abroad
* Sending of urgent messages


Europ Assistance insures compensation for the physical damages of the luggage and/or personal belongings that the insured had with him/her at the beginning of the trip, including clothing,  due to theft, burglary, robbery, mugging, loss and average, up to the maximum amount of Euro 500,00 per insured in Italy, Europe, countries in the Mediterranean Basin, World.


Following an injury or unforeseen illness during your Italy Trip, Europ Assistance shall reimburse medical, pharmaceutical, hospital expenses  for urgent treatment or surgical intervention which may not be postponed, received on-site during the trip or stay, during the term of the guarantee, up to the following maximum limit:

Abroad : € 3.000,00

Italy: € 500,00

A fixed, absolute excess of € 35.00 per claim and per Insured Person shall be applied to reimbursements.

If necessary, wherever you are, at any time, the Operations Centre of Europ Assistance operates 24 hours a day. The skilled personnel of the Operations Centre of Europ Assistance is at your complete disposition, ready to act or to recommend the more suitable procedures to resolve in the best way possible any sort of problem as well as authorizing eventual expenses.

IMPORTANT: Do not take any actions without first contacting the Operations Centre at

Telephone (+39)

To facilitate the management of the claim, you must immediately provide the operator with the following information:

  1. Type of intervention required
  2. Name and surname
  3. Number of your Europ Assistance card
  4. Address where you are
  5. Contact telephone number

If you are unable to contact by telephone the Operation Centre, you may submit: a fax to (+39) 02-58477201 or a telegram to EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.p.A. – Piazza Trento, 8 – 20135 MILAN, ITALY.

Europ Assistance, to provide the guarantees foreseen in the Policy, must process the personal data of the Insured Person and to that end it requires the Insured Person’s consent, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy Code). Therefore, the Insured Person, by directly or indirectly contacting Europ Assistance, freely provides their consent to the processing of his/her general and sensitive information as indicated on the Disclosure.

The text of the guarantees and benefits referred to in points 1, 2 and 3 is purely indicative.

Effects and boundaries are listed in the conditions for insurance brochure that will be delivered to all the trip participants.