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Winery Torrevento

Primitivo Torrevento Apulia Destination

Close to that unique and charming gem that “Castel del Monte” is, in the Municipality of Corato and more precisely in the district “Torre del Vento” (“Tower of the Wind”), this winery is located inside a former monastery of the eighteenth century.


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Teanum Winery


TEANUM comes from the name of the ancient roman city Teanum Apulum. This city was situated where nowadays exists the city of San Paolo di Civitate. This antique city was so important for the Romans that today the whole region it is called “Puglia” as a derivation of “Apulum”. Since then this region has been characterized by the cultivation of vines as well as olives. Cantina TEANUM is a group formed by entrepreneurs from the Puglia region who seek to show the goodness that the Romans had found in these lands. Continue reading Teanum Winery

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San Marzano Winery


In  1962  19  vine  growers  from  San  Marzano,  whose families   had   farmed   the   land   for   generations, combined   their   efforts   to   establish   “Cantine   San Marzano”.Through the decades this coooperative has grown significantly, attracting over 1200 vine growers, using  modern  and  technologically  advanced  plants and  producing  elegant  wines  without  forgetting  the obligation to the very old Apulian wine tradition. Continue reading San Marzano Winery

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Winery Leone de Castris – since 1665


Salice Salentino, a small village in the Peninsula of Salento, which is rich in vineyards and olive trees, is the landscape of the Estate “Leone de Castris”. It is exactly here, where there are the current cellars, that the Duke Oronzo, Earl of Lemos, founded the company in 1665.


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