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Black chickpeas grow in the karst Murgia, the southern part of the Murgia around Bari, characterized by karst formations and caves. The sandy soil is particularly suited to growing onions and legumes. The chickpea is small and very dark, with a wrinkled and a hooked shape. It was cultivated in the 19th century, when it was consumed especially by rural families, serving as an excellent supplement to a diet that was otherwise low in proteins. Continue reading IL CECE NERO

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La Cipolla Rossa di Acquaviva

The farm Iannone Anna is partner of biodiverse project “Biodiversity of horticultural specialist in Puglia”, which comes under the Rural Development Programme for Puglia. As part of the biodiverse project, the Farm Iannone Anna is engaged in the activities for the recovery of the Red Onion of Acquaviva. Continue reading La Cipolla Rossa di Acquaviva

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Maglio Cioccolato Italiano dal 1875


Chocolate is joy.. Maglio thinks so with its proposals and wants to make happy those who love the food of the Gods. It ‘just to satisfy all tastes, the Maglio world is so rich. Tablets, hard candy, cream, chocolate-dipped fruit, chocolate creams, bon bons: there is a good product for every taste, for every occasion, for every feeling. Continue reading Maglio Cioccolato Italiano dal 1875

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Catamo Le Dolci Fantasie

The realm of the senses. A temple of delicacies that leaves you breathless.Entering the lobby of the cafeteria and pastry Sweet Fantasies in San Cassiano, the feeling is that we have entered the realm of the senses.Heady fragrance of freshly baked pastries, chocolates and pastries patrols deployed in various exhibition corners, famous bottles,carefully packaged cadeau and a triumph Toiletswith aperitifs and inviting rotisserie. Here you can stop for a simple coffee or an aperitif,to buy sweets or packages to choose tasty gift for any occasion. Continue reading Catamo Le Dolci Fantasie

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THE COMPANY BIO ORTO Naturalmente Biologico

We play a decisive role, ensuring the quality of the food we eat and the environment and contributing to the future of humanity.

The basic principle of organic farming is a priority and a total respect for nature and it is this aspect that makes it unique and different from the many other methods of cultivation. Continue reading THE COMPANY BIO ORTO Naturalmente Biologico

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The company Bernardi Il Cioccolato

  1. Mimmo, Giuseppe and Ciro, the Bernardi the brothers, start doing the production of confectionery in a small pastry shop, going on his father’s business, The passion for work and inexhaustible/endless desire to rise and be appreciated allow the Bernardi brothers to carve out a significative place in the haute patisserie.

Continue reading The company Bernardi Il Cioccolato