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Alle Fornaci Restaurant

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The Restaurant “Alle Fornaci” awaits you in Matera, a few steps from the impressive Sassi, to offer typical local dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. The national and international cuisine will satisfy the most demanding palates, with appetizers, pasta dishes, meat but mainly fish, side dishes, desserts. Continue reading Alle Fornaci Restaurant

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Cielo Restaurant


The 5-star Relais La Sommità will make your stay an enchanted one with stylish menus featuring seasonal offerings in our elegant Cielo restaurant.
The past symbolises tradition, the future innovation: this is the philosophy embraced by our Chef  whose cuisine evokes distant memories, while at the same time guiding palates into unexplored terrain.  His stylishly combined dishes promise a journey through the senses of the past and present, with projection into the future where the comforting flavours of the earth will reign strong. Continue reading Cielo Restaurant

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Dolce Vita Restaurant

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An extraordinary roof garden on the Palazzo del Corso, a restaurant appointed with the attention to the smallest detail to satisfy the most demanding palates. The absolutely stunning view of the Gallipoli Gulf for delicious dinners under the moonlight, the preparation and dedication of our staff are only a few of our strengths.
Specialized in seafood, thus paying a tribute to the lasting traditions of the “città bella”, without neglecting vegetarian and meat dishes , teh restaurant offers offers specialties prepared always with top quality ingredient . Continue reading Dolce Vita Restaurant

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Le Palme Restaurant of Masseria Maizza


In a magnificent room in the ancient stables with a grand fireplace and wonderful view of the pool or, in the warm season, under a pergola with great view of our orange garden dating back to 1500, private romantic dinner under our colonnade. A creative Puglia cuisine using the local excellent food.  A relaxed perfect service with our Chef Luigi Giannuzzi, the Maitre Nicola Capobianco and our Sommellier Paolo Scarafile . Continue reading Le Palme Restaurant of Masseria Maizza

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Antichi Sapori Restaurant


A Montegrosso, in the rural village where I grew up, Antichi Sapori is not just a restaurant. It is a way of life: far from city life stress and keep emotions and memories of smell and taste. Antichi Sapori maintains the warmth of home and “is prohibited Do not enter the kitchen.” The simplicity and genuineness are skills that should not be kept hidden. Continue reading Antichi Sapori Restaurant

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Don Carmelo Restaurant


The restaurant Don Carmelo is born of love for the Mediterranean gastronomic culture and at the same time open to all the new trends in the culinary field. The treatment of raw materials, the choice of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices are the result of daily attention produced by our farmers in our estate. Continue reading Don Carmelo Restaurant

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Cervarolo Restaurant


Our restaurant offers to the guests of the Masseria a typical Apulian cuisine, sometimes revisited by our Chef Quirino, without ever neglecting the guideline that the name of our Mediterranean dishes requires us. You can taste local products in Km 0, and accompany your meal with the best wines of Puglia Continue reading Cervarolo Restaurant

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Don Matteo Restaurant

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Don Matteo … from the ancient civilizations of the sun and with a poignant vision of the Sassi of Matera, the restaurant is located in Palazzo Gattini historic home in the heart of the Sassi. Refined spot, with a cuisine that is inspired by the chef Donato personal taste and Matthew Malacarne, very rich and creative, offers simply the products of the Basilicata region. Continue reading Don Matteo Restaurant