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Trifone Altieri fischietti e terrecotte artistiche


The whistles made by Tryphon Altieri reflect the age-old art of figula Rutigliano, whose production of terracotta artifacts dates back to Magna Graecia, and binds to the very nature of the territory, particularly rich in clay. The whistles are made entirely by hand using clay.  After the drying phase, the whistles are baked in special furnaces at a temperature which is around 900 degrees. Continue reading Trifone Altieri fischietti e terrecotte artistiche

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Studio d’Arte Ceramica di Domenico Pinto


Particularly sensitive to the problems of ceramics and traditional grottagliese culture, Domenico Pinto makes a great effort for the renewal and revision of forms and popular decorations, drawing not only its techniques, its values and its symbols, synthesizing and harmonizing tradition local with research and innovation. Continue reading Studio d’Arte Ceramica di Domenico Pinto

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In history, Brindisi has always played the role of gateway to the East, unavoidable port for embarkation, in any era, to the mythical Greece or the fascinating wealth of Asia. It is a role that the city has always been able to accomplish with the prestige that comes from its strategic importance and the relevance of its port, the only true big southern-center port. Continue reading Brindisi