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Fabiano Brewery

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Micro Brewery craft Fabbiano comes from an old Apulian winery belonged to the great-grandfather of the Brewmaster Luigi, or a primordial wine cellar from 1918 worked the grapes grown on hectares of red earth between Taranto and the Ionian Sangiorgesi. . The very recent history of the Apulian Brewery Fabbiano is the story of those who have obtained a precious heritage from birth, ethics and craftsmanship, and has been able to merge it with the present, without betraying origins and innovations. Continue reading Fabiano Brewery

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Barbarossa Brewery



The Beer of Brewery Barbarossa born telling the stories and legends of this rich and precious land, sophisticated and at the same time simple, humble but proud, devoted to wine tradition but stretched dynamically to expand its horizons and experience new flavors represented by craft beer that is gathering more and more wide acclaim due to its excellent quality and unique taste. Continue reading Barbarossa Brewery