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Biodynamic Farm Cefalicchio


Cefalicchio is, first of all, an agricultural company  devoted to the production and manufacturing of high-quality organic agricultural products. The company is presently run by Fabrizio Rossi, an agronomist with a long-standing experience in the application of biodynamic techniques in agriculture as well as in the related procedures of quality control. Continue reading Biodynamic Farm Cefalicchio

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Casale San Nicola


A distinctive 11 room hotel, equipped with all comforts, that preserves the intimacy and the atmosphere of the place. All details, the white stone and the authenticity of materials will make your stay a charming experience. Tasty morsels will await you in the morning for a sweet start of the day. Continue reading Casale San Nicola

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Chinunno Farmhouse

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Masseria Chinunno is located in the middle of enchanting scenery of the Alta Murgia National Park, surrounded by gentle hills, near the Mercadante Forest, the green lung of the province of Bari.Prestigious farm, livestock and farm, Masseria Chinunno offers its guests the opportunity to spend pleasant days in contact with nature and with animals, to taste typical Murgia and Mediterranean dishes, and stay overnight in a lush green area Continue reading Chinunno Farmhouse

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Farm Picca Picca

farm picca

There’s a place where you can rediscover some of life’s satisfactions. A place close to the sea, close to the sky, close to the shade of the olive trees. The perfect place for rest and reflection and relaxation while time goes by, but isn’t wasted. Picca Picca is that place. You come upon it suddenly, almost unexpectedly, set in the midst of a beautiful landscape, dominated by the sun, the sea, the wind. Continue reading Farm Picca Picca