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For an amazing experience during your Italian trip, Apulia Destination strongly recommends to come to Alberobello, to discover the fabulous village of trulli, the most famous place in Puglia and the best destination for your Italian holidays.

The fame of Alberobello arises from the multitude of Trulli in its territory. The town is now an overrun tourist center, particularly along the Monte San Michele Street, where souvenirs and representations of the marvelous buildings are being sold in every shop of the area known as Aia Piccola.
Nevertheless, you will see the biggest concentration of Trulli in Alberobello (more than 1,000), mostly private homes.

During your Italian holiday, take time to learn more about their history, in a town that has dedicated itself to their preservation. Indeed, it has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

In a region that is always full of tourists, it is restoring to be welvided with places catering to tourists, it is in some ways quite refreshing to be welcomed in  For a more authentic experience of trulli residences in their natural surroundings, take a drive through the countryside around towns such as Cisternino, Ostuni and Martina Franca to make your holidays in Puglia more genuine than ever.


Trulli Houses

One of the most magical and symbolic aspects of the Puglia landscape is represented by the quirky trulli houses that can be found in the Itria Valley.
The history of these small limestone buildings, occasionally isolated but usually more clustered in small communities, is not entirely clear but they are thought to date back to the Middle Ages.
The name trullo derives from the Greek word tho/os, which means ‘dome’ and with a close-up of the chiancarelle (limestone slabs) of the roof stones: trullo means ‘silly’ in Italian. Originally, the houses were purely conic and their roof almost reached the ground level. In the 15th century they developed the whitewashed walls that can be seen nowadays.

For more details about the hotels and activities to do in Alberobello, feel free to visit the “Tours” tab of the Alberobello section on our website: for a cheap holiday in Puglia

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