About Puglia

Apulia, the land of all experiences: its sea, its beaches and its sun. Let yourselves be tempted by the Mediterranean beauty in order to live an unique holiday in Italy at the best price with Apulia Destination and its range of offers: tours and packages.
The eight hundred kilometers of distance which separate Gargano from Salento make the Apulian coast the longest of Italy: here is Apulia of your holidays which possesses a sea that shelters the most beautiful beaches of the country.

The magnificence and the isolated beaches of Gargano will allow you to spend the perfect holidays in Apulia while being surrounded by a paradisiacal archipelago and the amazing and mysterious wildlife of the Umbria Forest.
In the Salento let yourselves be immersed in the oriental atmosphere along the Adriatic sea from Otranto to Leuca. You will find an exotic and glamourous atmosphere near the Ionian sea without forgetting the Valley of Itria land of treasures for the Trulli, the Apulian villas and the bewitched streets of its villages. You will be amazed by the story and the majesty of its masserie and castles in a green and second to none countryside.
As for the celebrations: the candor of folklore, the ancient devotion, will bring back the lost memories of its protagonists. Another reminder of the Apulian holidays that were everything but boring.


From Gargano to Salento, an old and shrewd sun reflects a dazzling light on the white peasant houses, it lights up continuously the fields of thousand-year-old olive trees and burns the beaches in front of the blue sea where thousands of civilizations come from.
Feel the atmosphere of Gallipoli, metaphor of the Apulia, because of its unusual situation: a part of which is on the land and the other one floats on the sea.

A Mediterranean magic that you can feel wherever you are in a region divided between sea and land, between small harbors eager to sail away and low walls full of traditions.
A Mediterranean magic made of hospitable civilizations always having an available seat for you in their home because the host is sacred such as a divinity. Here is Apulia, the generous land of arts and culture, extrovert and full of joy of life, authentic land where smells and flavors of olives, tomatoes, fresh fish and AOC wines blend themselves.

Those who have already come to Apulia will never forget about the land where they spent their amazing holidays.
Come to Apulia and never forget your holiday in Italy.